Ink Jet

Reprojet P HD

Nanoporous coated, clear transparent polyester film for the production of positive or negative film separations that can then be contact exposed to silk screens, pad or flexo plates. The HD version offers even higher ink absorption and faster drying times and an even greater UV density range with the optimisation of print settings. Images dry super fast due to a highly porous coating ensuring print speeds are further optimised. The film meets the highest demands with regard to image registration accuracy, dimensional stability and flatness. Finally it exhibits good mechanical, handling resistance.

Printing Systems

Cut sheets

Art. NumberFormatTotal Thickness (mm)Packing quantity

Technical data


  • Wide range of linearization options
  • Improved water resistance
  • Good wet smear resistance
  • Good mechanical properties, handling
  • Good compatibility with screen and polymer emulsion surfaces
  • High dimensional stability and accuracy of registration
  • High visual contrast
  • High visual contrast
  • High Level Ink Absorption
  • High density range: DmaxUV: 3.2 up to > 4 (depending on RIP settings, ink system and measured spectral characteristics of the densitometer); Dmin UV: approx. 0.06 to 0.12 (depending on the measurement characteristics of the densitometer)
  • Optimal line and point sharpness
  • Dot reproduction = up to 48 L/cm for screen printing application (depending on the combination system, higher screen rulings are possible)
  • Coated on reverse side for good slip properties and fast vacuum in the exposure device.
  • Instant dry
  • Transparent, slightly matt, nanoporous coating


  • Clear glossy


Coating PrintsideInk Jet
Coating BacksideSpecial gliding surface
Width (inch)8.27
Width (mm)210
PrintsideLight matt, structured finish
Length (inch)11.69
Length (mm)297
Nominal thickness (mil)5
Nominal thickness (mm)0.125
BacksideSpecial gliding surface
Total Thickness (mil)6.5
Total Thickness (mm)0.165
Base MaterialClear-transparent polyester film
Packing quantity 100


  • For use on most small format Ink Jet printers such as: Epson and Canon
  • Dependant on ink type dye ink can produce a migrating yellowing effect.
  • Prerequisite for a high ink coverag (copy density) are printers, which allow settings for high resolution and high ink loads. These various settings are often not available with the usual driver settings and can often be made for screen use only in combination with special RIP tools. Due to this reason, desktop printers (A4, A3) also often do not offer the desired coverage.
  • Not compatible with oil and solvent based systems.


  • For printers with two black inks, we recommend using Photo Black / Glossy Black.
  • Optimal between 15-30°C and 40-60% r.h.
  • A preconditioning period of 24 hours within the printing environment is recommended.
  • Dye-based image areas (inkjet-printing) show a typical absorption spectrum. Therefore a correct density measurement is possible only with an ultraviolet densitometer (eg. X-Rite 369).
  • For demanding halftone and separation work, we recommend special RIP-Software tools such as COLORGATE-Filmgate, WASATCH, PERFECTPROOF etc in combination with LF printers like EPSON Stylus pro (Ultrachrome Photoblack/K3-inks), HP Z-series & CANON iPF-series.
  • For optimal half-tone reproductions it is essential to make settings with a correct linearization process.
  • To prevent sticking to the screen emulsion during exposure we suggest lightly dusting with powder.
  • Avoid fingerprints on printing side.
  • Further information on this product can be found in a separate handling instruction


  • Cut sheet product has the print side facing downwards in the box.
  • Shelf life: 1 year after delivery
  • Store in the closed original packaging in a cool and dry place at a room temperature of 15 - 25°C and at a humidity of 30 - 60%.

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